I started my work in resin over two decades ago when I was busy as the lead singer/songwriter for the multiple Juno Award-winning pop bands The Payola$ and Rock & Hyde.
Myself and longtime musical collaborator Bob Rock made five albums together with those bands. I did five solo projects as well.
Throughout my musical career visual art was always there. While touring I kept an eye out  for cool images, pictures and anything that inspired me. You'd be surprised what you can find when you stumble off a tour bus and snoop around a small prairie town.
The early resin collages were challenging to say the least as the materials were toxic and there could be issues with yellowing over time.
 In the last two years I have returned to working in resin, which is now a much more manageable and stable material.
Since re-connecting with collage I have had two art shows. The first one ‘Souvenirs’ was held at Chernoff Fine Arts in Vancouver in early 2020. The second titled ‘Because I Say So’ at the BAMM! gallery in Montreal ended in Dec of 2020.
No longer touring in a band, I am a full time visual artist, who makes the occasional record. Most days I am happily locked away in my studio creating new stuff.  I hope you like what you see.

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